Magic of Physics

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Antimuseum “PhysLand" presents

"Magic of Physics"

Ingenious, unique exposition and popular science show.

  • Learn how lightning works and what an electromagnetic impulse is.
  • Watch levitating objects.
  • Test future weapons and even observe a plasma beam!

Get fascinating experience of our guided tour bringing you into magic world of science and future technologies in our space!
Antimuseum «PhysLand» offers a bright and interesting story. We have a lot of hands-on science you have never seen!
You’ll take part in a intriguing discussion and step by step the story unfolds into the Magic of Physics!

It’s really interesting! This is a perfect creative and fun learning opportunity for kids.
Parents and adult kids! Quite often it's more fascinating for you!

Recommended for youngsters of all ages starting at 10 years.

Free parking area. Cafe. Information center. Wi-fi.

Languages: English, Slovenian, German and Russian.

+386 30 346 364

Ljubljanska cesta,27
Bled, SI-4260
Slovenia, EU